Bipolar Support Club


Peer Support network for everyone affected directly and indirectly by Bipolar Disorder

Check out this cool video about Peer Support from our friends at Polar Warriors !!

What We Do

We provide high value peer support to anyone in the world, 100% free of charge.

We welcome everyone interested in discussing Bipolar Disorder in a non judgemental and casual setting. Whether you’re on a bipolar journey of your own, or have a loved one affected, please join us in a safe environment to explore and learn more.

Our English language peer support rooms occur 5 times weekly (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays), and our Arabic language rooms occur weekly (Mondays). Stay tuned, we plan to add Spanish language rooms later this summer 2023!

We are “consumers” of mental health services and not “providers”, i.e. patients not doctors. We thrive on sharing experiences and learning from each other. There is nothing like the camaraderie and support that comes from sharing with others who “get it” because they’ve been there!

In addition to peer support, we also run a weekly speaker panel with experts covering topics of interest, followed by audience Q&A.

We also have Guided Discussions every Friday where we follow research and discuss topics of interest in a casual setting.

You can find a more detailed schedule on our events page. Please find us on Clubhouse here!