Love Letter to My Bipolar


The “Love Letter To My Bipolar” Challenge is an initiative of the Bipolar Support Club International, inspired by a Love Letter Michel Le Roux wrote to his own bipolar. The Club’s ambition is to bring it to a wide collective and international level in order to:

  • Celebrate World Bipolar Day on the 30th of March 2022
  • Raise awareness about bipolar disorder
  • Encourage a practice of self reflection by writing our feelings
  • Appreciate our bipolar disorder with a sense of love and gratitude
  • Recognise the pain and suffering we experienced, in our own way
  • Ultimately accept our condition and embrace our uniqueness
  • Hopefully reduce stigma around mental health disorders within our respective communities

The project is for anyone affected by bipolar! You may or may not have been diagnosed or are a caregiver, family member, friend, partner, healthcare worker, etc … or simply just curious about it. This is an open, inclusive and safe space to share. You can see letters already submitted by others. You can create and edit your own letter on the webpage, in the language and in the form you want, either words, picture, gifs or video. Be yourself, be expressive, be creative!

Today, on World Bipolar Day, the Biplar Suport Club International organizes a draw including all participants for some nice merch! Thank you very much and have fun! Let’s spread some love all over the world for our bipolar and celebrate our uniqueness everyday!