Bipolar creativity 

Happy Birthday Van Gogh !!

Happy Birthday Vincent van Gogh! On World Bipolar Day! His high “Starry Nights” and his
low, “Sorrowing Old Man”, show his bipolar on the front cover of Marlies ter Borg’s
book “Bipolar Creativity through the ages”.

BIPOLAR CREATIVITY THROUGH THE AGES.  Vincent corresponded freely with his
brother Theo about their common mood problems. They were aware of the link between mood and creativity. In his thesis his therapist, doctor Gachet, listed  famous melancholics, including Jesus. They
used the medical term Melancholy where we now speak of Bipolar. The Greek philosopher  Aristotle discovered the link of melancholy and excellence, in the mild high mood. He warned against disastrous extremes leading Greek heroes to suicide or destructive mania. He advocated medication and behavioral therapy to make room for creativity. Since Aristotle renowned poets have expressed heavenly highs and lows unto death, we can easily and warmly recognise their journey through  (deep) depression,  (hypo)mania, and acceptance.

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Medical Research Archives Article:

Aristotle and DSM on ‘Bipolar’ Melancholy