Bipolar and Music 

with Brarda

With his experience in a band – 2 albums and nearly 350 dates in France and abroad – the Parisian artist is finally ready to take the stage alone. BRARDA sings his story and seems to tell ours. That of a permanent quest for balance between light and shadow.

With his first solo album ‘Tout va bien’, BRARDA takes us to the edge of his emotions. BRARDA writes with his heart and sings with his soul for a result that exudes sincerity. From hope to despair, from love to loathing, sometimes sunny, sometimes dark.

Between the lines of her songs, BRARDA talks about her daily struggle with bipolar disorder. It is after a stay in a psychiatric hospital at the end of 2018, after several years of wandering, that he will be diagnosed as bipolar. As soon as he was discharged from the hospital, in the midst of a creative euphoria, he started writing his album in which he tells the story of his quest for balance between his manic and depressive phases, between the too full and the too empty.

This is the story he tells, together with his fellow bipolar Michel Le Roux, in the TV show
“Ça Commence Aujourd’hui”, broadcast today, World Bipolar Day

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