Befriending Bipolar

Oliver Seligman

Oliver Seligman is an author and a monk who travels the world writing, coaching and giving inspirational talks. In Oliver’s latest book, “Befriending bipolar: a patient’s perspective,” he describes what it is like to experience madness from the inside. Diagnosed with bipolar type one at seventeen, he has battled with euphoric manias, suicidal depressions, bewildering psychoses and the side effects of medication for thirty
years. In this enlightening book, Oliver tells the story of how he has found peace with an illness that destroys lives and sometimes ends them.

Philippe Baratier

Profundity of bipolar/Bipolarité, mon amie Philippe Baratier / Amazon, 2019. Is Bipolarity only a tragic process destroying everything around: family, job, friends? Or is it something to understand, to feel, to follow, to tame in this strange force?After 23 years living with a deep bipolarity, Philippe says that his “disease” is his best friend, sending signs when a situation is not good for him and always showing a way to solve the problems. Using many tools as medicines, psychotherapies, meditation, hypnosis, EMDR, social insurance… he slides on the wave drawn by his bipolarity toward a very happy life…