Bipolar and Keto

Wed July 19 @ 11:00am Pacific

Dr Owen Muir

Dr. Muir’s work is novel in a number of ways. He is one of the five official supervisors in North America for Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) for adults and has additional training in using MBT strategies with adolescents, families, and even teams and systems. Dr. Muir is co-editor of the Springer book Adolescent Suicide and Self Injury: a Mentalization-Based Treatment Approach.

Tammy Grenon

Tammy joined us last year to discuss the Keto diet in detail. Please check out the Replay from Dec 7, 2022. Tammy brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience in individual nutrition counselling to inspire clients to obtain their best quality of life through healthy choices. She and her husband have been living the Keto lifestyle for several years and have become experts at nutritional coaching. They are of the belief that your health is your most important investment and strive to bring this information to all. Their mission is to empower you with our extensive knowledge and lived experience, so that you too can live in optimal health and reach your full potential

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