Empowering Caregivers

Susana Bluwol is the Founder and Executive Director of Bipolar Australia.

Born in Argentina, Susana migrated to Australia in 1983. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1996, Susana has always believed in the value of person-centred recovery models. She has been the facilitator of the Ryde Bipolar Support Group since 2004, and founded Bipolar Australia in 2014 in conjunction with other members of this group.

Susana has a degree in Early Childhood Education, and has previously worked with the National Consumers and Carers Forum, the Transcultural Mental Health CALD Reference Group, the Schizophrenia Fellowship’s Remind education program, and the National CALD Speakers Bureau, as well as appearing on SBS radio and SBS television.

Susana has presented papers at TheMHS Australia conferences on topics including the benefits of inclusive support groups, and the pioneering therapeutic community treatment model developed by Dr Jorge Garcia Badaracco in her native Argentina. She has also spoken about her personal journey of recovery from bipolar disorder at the International Mental Health Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


“ I want to tell our community that the condition identified through some symptoms, such as bipolar, is highly treatable and manageable.

There are important matters to help this process:

  1. The person living with bipolar and their carers, families and friends must have education from the time of diagnosis
  2. All people involved in supporting the journey to Recovery must work as a team, following one plan of action in consultation with the person experiencing bipolar.
  3. .Follow a holistic plan, including the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social aspects.
  4. The collaboration amongst organisations providing services to the person with bipolar and  everyone affected by it, must maintain fluent and transparent communication.

Failing any step, fully or partially, will cost suffering and sometimes a valuable life.”