Love Letter to My Bipolar


This challenge was created to:

  • Raise awareness about bipolar disorder
  • Encourage a practice of self reflection by writing our feelings
  • Appreciate our bipolar disorder with a sense of love and gratitude
  • Recognise the pain and suffering we experienced, in our own way
  • Ultimately accept our condition and embrace our uniqueness
  • Hopefully reduce stigma around mental health disorders within our respective communities

The project is for anyone affected by bipolar! You may or may not have been diagnosed (yet) or are a caregiver, family member, friend, partner, healthcare worker etc … or simply just curious about it. This is an open, inclusive and safe space to share.

Some basic ground rules:

  • Be respectful and kind – any hate speech will be reported and removed. If you feel offended or triggered by anyone’s letter, please flag it in a comment to us so that it can be rectified. We will reach out to the writer to either amend or remove.
  • Be as open as you feel comfortable being – feel free to post anonymously or sign off with your social media username, if you’d like to be discoverable
  • Be yourself – post in any language that you feel most comfortable writing this love letter in. You do you! We can always google translate it into English eventually. Post a translation underneath or separately if you wish
  • Be expressive – you can be creative! Let your emotions flow in either words, picture, gifs or video too. Play around and you can always edit later
  • Be inspired – read the other existing letters and know that you’re not alone! Reach out to people or follow them on social media (if they’re discoverable like if they posted a visible username in their sign off). Check back in from time to time to see whether the number of letters have grown!

Thank you very much and have fun! Let’s spread some love for our bipolar and celebrate our uniqueness everyday!

We have a prize draw at the end of each month for any entries that month! Enter the draw here:

Visit our Kudoboard to see all the letters. To create your own letter, make an account on our Kudoboard server. You can then create your letter, and also come back later to make changes..

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