Meet Our Team

Our Executive Director

Aman Maharaj

I am an executive with deep entrepreneurial experience. I have been the President/ CEO of three small cap companies. My background includes business development and sales, corporate development, finance and P&L ownership, relationship building and management, operations, strategic planning, project and change management, M&A, customer service, strategic sourcing and government relations. I have worked in technology, financial services energy and manufacturing . My education includes my MBA (Finance) and LLB.

clubhouse: @amanmaharaj

Our Peer Support Team


Host – Facilitator – Peer Support Leader

“I’m a registered nurse and mental health advocate. I have been dealing with Bipolar Type 1 for 15 years, and have succeeded in juggling college and parenting in that time.”

clubhouse: @analeahh


Host – Facilitator – Academic Discussions

“I’m a researcher, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate living with bipolar since 2017. I host the Bipolar Morocco podcast, and am a pioneer for mental and physical health in Northern Africa..”

clubhouse: @bipolarmorocco


Host – Facilitator

“Since my diagnosis of Bipolar Type II four years ago I have been engaging in mental health advocacy as a part of my own healing and my efforts to help others facing similar issues. I am thrilled to have this opportunity with Bipolar Support Club to continue on that journey.”

clubhouse: @lindsaymockler


Host – Facilitator

“Having lived with Bipolar 2 for a large part of my life I have used my lived experience to advocate for better workplace accommodations in my roles as an HR leader.”

clubhouse: @matthewmegson


Facilitator – Panel Moderator

“I am a dedicated mother and wife, mental health & wellness advocate, and volunteer. I have been living with bipolar for 21 years. I enjoy assisting others on their own personal & unique journeys to recovery and bipolar stability.”

clubhouse: @nicolebrooks1



“I’m a person with 7 years of mental health recovery, 12 years of meditation practice, and a passion for peer support. Outside of this club, I hold a CSAC-A and a CPRS, working mostly with clients who suffer from addiction.”

clubhouse: @sam.branson



“I have been living with diagnosed Bipolar 2 for 33 years. Through my lived experiences and years of therapy I have found that self awareness, mindfulness, gratitude and a positive attitude are key elements for me living a more balanced life. “

clubhouse: @anglea.pauline



“I’m a speaker, coach and advocate, and I run a health and wellness website as the Bipolarist. I believe that the stigma around bipolar has an exploitable upside in my awareness and advocacy work”

clubhouse: @bipolarist

Our Coaches

Oliver Seligman – Norway

“I’m a writer, meditation teacher, step-dad and husband who has written a book called “Befriending Bipolar: a patient’s perspective.”

clubhouse: @oliverseligman

Samantha Smirin – South Africa

I’m a counsellor and Bipolar Support Group Leader with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG). I am raising funds to start a flagship Bipolar Sanctuary that I intend to spread throughout AfricaI’m a counsellor and Bipolar Support Group Leader with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG). I am raising funds to start a flagship Bipolar Sanctuary that I intend to spread throughout Africa

Cheri Parker – California USA

“My main focus is Family Coaching. I’ve created a system designed around client’s individual needs.”

clubhouse: @cheriparker

Rob Whittaker – California USA

“I’m the creator of Polar Warriors, the worlds largest YouTube channel related to bipolar disorder. I live with bipolar 1, and endure daily challenges like rapid cycling and mixed states. I love working directly with peers.”

Susana Bluwol – Bipolar Australia

“I’m the Founder and Executive Director of Bipolar Australia. Born in Argentina, I migrated to Australia in 1983. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1996, I have always believed in the value of person-centered recovery models. I have been the facilitator of the Ryde Bipolar Support Group since 2004, and founded Bipolar Australia in 2014 in conjunction with other members of this group.

clubhouse: @sblublo