Peer Room Guidelines

Welcome to our Peer Support Room!

Here some guidelines to help our room run smoothly

  • audience members are welcome to listen in podcast mode and there’s no pressure to speak
  • tap “hand raising” to come to the stage and get a mic, please stay muted until you’re speaking
  • we take turns in PTR order sharing a short story about almost anything going on in our bipolar lives (up to 5 mins)
  • anyone else on the stage who wants to comment can give feedback on the story just told (we don’t drift into another unrelated story when giving feedback)
  • please keep your feedback brief and on point. this helps keep the conversation going and nobody dominating (up to 2 mins)
  • sometimes people aren’t looking for feedback, they just want to share and feel supported – this is fine too just let us know
  • anyone in podcast mode who wants to contribute but not speak, you can send us a question or comment on backchannel and we’ll share it for you
  • we don’t tolerate rude or disruptive behaviour, please be kind and respectful toward others
  • we don’t allow promotions of your books or courses, etc. But, if you end us a link we can pin it in the room IF it’s germain to the present discussion