Sharing BSCI Using Sqale

Sqale is a unique platform with a share-it-forward capability

organic share-it-forward networking

It’s quite simple once you learn the share-it-forward philosophy. When you signed in to Sqale and “accepted” the invite, two things happened:

  • You “received a gift” of 100 Sqale credits,
  • You were presented with this card, where clicking “Open” brought you here to this web page

To share our message forward, return to the card (in previous tab, or in the Product area of your Sqale Home screen) and:

  • Tap Share, then
  • Tap Quick Share New Person

Next step is to “share” it forward. Just copy this link and send it to one friend, who you think might be interested in our work.

It “costs” 100 credits each time a friend accepts your invite, but since you received 100 credits already, your first share is free.

If you purchase an additional 400 credits (approx us$5), you can share-forward to 4 more people, while simultaneously donating to our cause.

It’s more than just a $5 donation, it’s a donation in motion! Thanks so much for your support!