Stigma Across Cultures #2

Wednesday April 26th @ 9:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Argentina, 5:00pm UK

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Andrea Vassilev is a fifth-year doctoral student earning her Psy.D. in clinical psychology. Her primary research interest and clinical specialty is bipolar disorder.  Her dissertation, titled “Overcoming Self-Stigma in Bipolar Disorder: An Intervention”, involved the creation of the first ever English language program to address and treat self-stigma in bipolar disorder. See for information or to sign up for the free program.

Susana Bluwol is the Founder and Executive Director of Bipolar Australia. Born in Argentina, Susana migrated to Australia in 1983. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1996, Susana has always believed in the value of person-centred recovery models. She has been the facilitator of the Ryde Bipolar Support Group since 2004, and founded Bipolar Australia in 2014 in conjunction with other members of this group.

Susana is collaborating with BSCI to help create our first Spanish speaking rooms coming this summer 🙂 !