Stories of hope

Peer Support is all about our stories

Join in to listen to some inspiring stories from our wonderful guests. They have many “lessons learned” to share.

General Gregg Martin is a 36-year Army combat veteran, retired 2-star general, and bipolar survivor, thriver and warrior. In 2003, Martin commanded a combat engineer brigade during the Iraq war, and the intense stress of combat triggered the genetic predisposition for bipolar and sent him into his first manic episode. After his deployment, he fell into depression, marking his first up-down cycle. For a decade, these swings of mania and depression continued, going undetected, undiagnosed, and unknown by him or anyone around him. It wasn’t until 2014, during an episode of acute mania, that he was removed from his role as President at the National Defense University and began receiving help. 

With treatment and support from his family, friends, and an in-patient stay at the VA Hospital, Martin has found a new mission in combatting mental health stigma to save lives.

Jess Britt is the creator of Dissolving Into Gratitude, on and Spotify. It’s a podcast about surrendering to your purpose and showing up as your most complete self. It’s about writing your own story and not living in reaction to everyone else.

He is also the sole proprietor of Badger Snake Productions doing cinematography, photography, and audio production.